Never Gonna Be Alone

Shan Christopher Ogilvie and I directed a music video to accompany five time Grammy-winning artist Jacob Collier’s single ‘Never Gonna Be Alone’ (feat. Lizzy McAlpine & John Mayer).

‘Never Gonna Be Alone’ comprises a short film that explores the thematic nuances of the song, journeying through layers of love, loss and longing painstakingly realised in vibrant, hand-crafted, watercolour animation.

Utilising over 1200 individual paintings, complex in detail and colour, the music video features four extended continuous sequences of fluid frame-by-frame animation. It was created over 2 months by a team of nine, all working remotely.

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Duration: 4 min 10 sec
Production: Bare Golly Films / 2022
Technique: hand-painted watercolour


painting by Haemin Ko

painting by Haemin Ko

painting by Haemin Ko

painting by Thrish Sumanasekera


Directed by Shan Christopher Ogilvie & Ewa Smyk
Edited by Shan Christopher Ogilvie
Painted by Ewa Smyk, Haemin Ko, Thrish Sumanasekera, Iza Barszcz
Design by Ewa Smyk, Milda Kargaudaitė, Haemin Ko

2D Animation Lead – Richard Smithson
2D Animation – Iza Barszcz, Milda Kargaudaitė, Solomon Triffitt
Compositing Assistant – Ross Stringer

Lyric Video