(currently in post-production)

Struggling to make it in a big city, a young artist finds herself retreating into the rose-tinted memories of the village she left behind.

Homebird is an NFTS graduation short animation created entirely in paint on cel technique.

Duration: 9 min 50 sec
Production: NFTS / UK / 2021
Technique: paint on cel


Directed and Animated by Ewa Smyk
Producer – Leah Bethany Jones
Writers – Ralph Mathers & Ewa Smyk
Cinematographer – Pep Bosch i Calvo
Editor – Amy Pettipher
Composer – Natalia Tsupryk
Sound Designer – Tatiana Borges Alvares Sanches

Production Designer – Iasonas Houssein
CG Artist – Valerie George
Colourist & Online Editor – Marco Valerio Caminiti
Production Manager – Beatriz Honorio
Voice Actors – Laura Greenwood & Brian Ward
Production Coordinator – Tian Boyce
Production Assistant – Catherine Lynn


initial character sketches

background design, colouring test

colouring example